America’s #1 Leadership Attitude Trainer


Michael Stegall is in his 40s and he has dealt with many insecurities and adversities in his life. He is a speaker and minister, transforming himself into who God created him to be. Michael started his journey as a preacher 20 years ago as a youth minister. He has been a Pastor of a Church and a manager/ coordinator for a company. This makes him an authority in leadership in both the religious world and business world. Now, he is an Inspirational Leadership Speaker, he is part of a mentoring group working with the schools in the area while still speaking and teaching in Church.

Michael didn’t have any confidence in himself, so there were many things he wanted to do but didn’t even try. He had a fear of failing so when he did start something as soon as it got a little hard he quit. Michael felt inadequate, no self-worth at all. The sad part was, he had many excuses for why nothing was his fault. Stories he told himself to make him feel ok about staying right where he was in life. The stories took all his responsibilities off him and placed them on other people, so he thought. Until one day, his wife made him confront himself. Made him hold himself accountable for his own actions. It took him about a year to take control of all his insecurities. Once he overcame all his limited thoughts about himself that’s when his leadership abilities began to grow.

Now, he has a threefold mission in life.

1.      Vision—Help others realize they were created with a purpose.

2.      Purpose—Help others overcome their insecurities and fears.

3.       Goal— Inspire others not to just learn how to lead, but to become a leader.